This set of photographs is a result of a self-experiment used to heal my mind. 

And, it is also a document of my sudden emotion happened at a certain point in life.

NOON in Thai means a rounded swelling or protuberance that distorts a flat surface.

NOON in English means hours starting after 12 p.m.  

NOON in Korean, a homonym, means eyes or snow.

Therefore 'Good After Noon' is a series of photographs which tell story of my after class and after work in the winter time. Including a pile of feeling which accumulated from homesickness and feeling isolated from the society. Besides living in this cold period is quite long, it impacted my body and soul more than I expected.

But those time were the time I spent with myself the most. I questioned a lot about my past and rethink my own life choices. I asked myself 'Why did I decide to leave home and come here living by myself?' 'What do I really want?' 'What do I want to do?' and try to picture me in a blurred future. 

When faced with the cold condition, my body and soul are suffered. Taking photos is probably the best remedy for me, so I pick up the camera and go out. Exploring everything around me from the view of my own window that I look every day and night throughout the journey I took to the faraway mountain I have never been to.

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